Written on 08/11/2023

Our 85' x 180' outdoor offroad track gives 8th scale racers the challenge they're looking for. Operated from roughly mid-April to mid-October (weather dependent) for Wednesday and Saturday weekly racing and several special events including our Annual Offroad Riot.

When not being used for scheduled racing the track is available for practice or just plain fun. See the calendar page for availability. 

When racing, classes usually include:

  • 8th Scale Sportsman Electric Buggy
  • 8th Scale Sportsman Nitro Buggy
  • 8th Scale Expert Electric Buggy
  • 8th Scale Expert Nitro Buggy
  • 8th Scale Electric Truggy
  • 8th Scale Nitro Truggy
  • Mod 4 WD Short Course


Outdoor Offroad Race Classes - May 2021 Outdoor Offroad Race Classes - May 2021