Facebook has always been an important part of our efforts to reach customers in recent years. However, it seems that the more Facebook tries to be a part of every facet of our lives the less useful it is for us to easily keep you informed about Fastlane. 

Between sponsored links, suggested sites ads and way too many friends and places I’m following, it’s become too time consuming to try to find the information I really want every day. Because of the calls and texts we receive; I know many of our racers and those who follow Fastlane have trouble finding our schedule updates and other information updates even though they’re out there on Facebook.

So we’re launching a new Fastlane Raceway App. The app is designed to allow you to quickly find the info we think you want about Fastlane without wading through all the garbage on Facebook. No items for sale, no suggested sites, no ads, no chats, no bull; just information on Fastlane. We will continue to post on Facebook as well. In fact, some of the content on the app will be our FB posts. But they will be easier to find in the app. . .

Some of the current app features include:

- For those new to Fastlane, click on What to Expect to learn the basics of practice and race days.

- A way to sign up for racing on the day of the race using Race Day Sign In.

- One click navigation to our Race Results on LiveRC

- Click on News Updates for our weekly schedule updates and other news (push notifications coming soon)

- Click on Race Tracks and select a track for information on our tracks and rules for the classes we race on each track.

- Click on Calendar for a complete schedule

- Click for access to Event Videos

- Click to be taken directly to our FB page

 We aren’t app designers so there may be a few bugs initially so be patient with us. We'll also be looking to add other features to the App going forward. Feel free to use the Contact Us menu selection to send us your ideas on what we can add to the App to make it more useful to you