Schedule Update - Jan 29th

Written on 01/29/2024

SCHEDULE UPDATE FOR THE WEEK of January 29th, 2024.
This week we will be slowly getting back to normal after a successful 2024 BOOM OFFROAD JAM presented by JCONCEPTS.
There will be no carpet oval racing or practice this week. We will have the onroad track set up for practice on Friday and Saturday and racing on Sunday.
There will be practice and club racing on the new offroad layout. Feedback from racers this weekend indicates the layout is a lot of fun.
This week's schedule:
Monday - 4-10 pm - Offroad practice
Tuesday - 4-10 pm - Offroad practice
Wednesday - 4-10 pm - Offroad racing @7
Thursday - 4-10 pm - Offroad practice
Friday - 4- 10 pm - Onroad & offroad practice.
Saturday - 11 am - 8 pm - Offroad Racing at 2 PM. Onroad practice.
Sunday - 10:30 - 6 pm - Carpet onroad racing @1. Offroad practice.
I know we're getting some sunshine this week and that will bring questions about the outdoor tracks. It's going to take several days for those tracks to dry out. There is a chance that by the weekend they will be dry enough to use. Call the shop prior to making a trip out to use the tracks to avoid disappointment.