Schedule Update - April 8th

Written on 04/08/2024


This week we kick off our outdoor season. The weather forecast looks very favorable for the week. We have our fingers crossed as this will be one of the earliest starts we’ve had for outdoor racing.

First up we have dirt oval racing on Tuesday night. This will be a club race so everyone can shake off the rust before we start our Tuesday points series on April 30th and our Slideways Saturday Series on April 20th.

Saturday we will try for our first Double Club Saturday of the season. Doors will open at 11 with indoor offroad racing @ noon. The outdoor track will open for practice at noon with racing @ 3. Separate $15 entry fee for each track. 2 rounds of qualifying and mains on each track. PLEASE NOTE THE EARLIER START TIME FOR INDOOR OFFROAD. This will be the schedule for each of the Double Club Saturday’s this season.

In between, we have indoor offroad club racing on Wednesday and we wrap up the week with carpet onroad racing on Sunday.

We will be working on the dirt oval tonight and tomorrow ahead of racing and on the outdoor offroad track on Thursday and Friday. So those tracks will be closed on those nights.

That makes this week's schedule:
Monday - 4-10 pm - Offroad & onroad practice
Tuesday - 4-10 pm - Tuesday Thunder Dirt Oval club race, Offroad & onroad practice
Wednesday - 4-10 pm - Indoor offroad club race, onroad practice
Thursday - 4-10 pm - Offroad & onroad practice, outdoor offroad closed
Friday - 4- 10 pm - Offroad & onroad practice, outdoor offroad closed
Saturday - 11 am - 8 pm - Double Club Saturday. Indoor racing @ noon. Outdoor racing @ 3.
Sunday - 10:30 am - 6 pm - Carpet Onroad Racing @ 1. Offroad practice.